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College of Human Ecology

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College of Human Ecology was established in 1997 with the mission to advance the human experience by integrating academics and research in the areas of social work, family study, child development, music, food science, nutrition, and restaurant management. The college is with nearly 2500 undergraduate students, more than 120 graduate students, and 51 faculties.
College of Human Ecology is committed to providing exceptional education for our undergraduate and graduate students. The multidisciplinary units in the college provide a dynamic learning environment for students to pursue their personal development. With all the opportunities offered by the college, the students are prepared to become a critical thinker, a passionate leader, and an engaged citizen in local and global communities.
In the past few years, the departments in College of Human Ecology made great strides with their strategic plans to enhance student learning for success in a changing world.
(1) As the first professional social work program in the country, the practice-oriented curriculum offered by Department of Social Work provides students the theory-based knowledge as well as clinical techniques, preparing the students to foster positive attitudes with passion to advance the social work in local and global communities.
(2) Department of Music successfully remodeled itself with a unique curriculum focusing on professional training of symphony orchestra, wind and brass ensemble, chamber music, and jazz by the top musicians in the world. The excellent performance of faculties and students continuously win critical acclaims and prized in international competitions and festivals.
(3) Department of Family Study and Child Study aims to equip students with the knowledge needed for the service for families and with the faith for societal solicitude. The master programs of "Family Counseling and Guidance" and "Family Services for the Aged" developed by this department launch tomorrow's leaders in the counseling units and health care systems.
(4) As the first food science/nutrition program established in Taiwan, Department of Food Science, Nutrition, and Nutraceutical Biotechnology provides an in-depth study into the combined areas of food science, food technology, nutritional science, and biotechnology. Students develop a broad perspective in sciences and enhance their educational experience through participation in industry, health care units, and research institutes.
(5) To meet the challenge of coming e-century and the rapid growth of dine-out market, Department of Food and Beverage Management was established in 2004. The students gain professional knowledge and experience in food production and service skills through classes and internships at restaurants and hotels in Taiwan and abroad. The students are also encouraged to engage in global level activities and competitions to open door to resources and opportunities across the world.