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Department of Food and Beverage Management

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The department, formerly known as the Department of Home Economics, was established in 1958. It was the first department founded in the junior college of Taiwan area. To meet the demands of changing social and national development, the department was renamed as the Department of Applied Science of Living in 1991. Adhering to the spirit of school name, Putting into Practice, our instructional purposes are emphasized on both theory and practice. Two professional divisions, Foodservice Management and Children & Family Studies, were drawn up in order to cultivate operational, managerial people in related life science areas.
Due to the coming of e-century, the impact of Taiwan entering into WTO, and the demand for dine-out market which has led the managing pattern of foodservice industry to become diversified and specialized, the Department of Food and Beverage Management was founded in 2004.
Our goal is to train students to be a culinary artist, a food service manager, or a high-rank faculty in restaurants or related institutions.
Research Focus
The objectives of the department are to give students a sound foundation to become professionals with culinary techniques, service skills, management and promotion abilities in restaurant related service businesses. To achieve these goals, both theoretical and practical skills are equally emphasized.