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Department of Music

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Established in 1969, the Department of Music, USC, is one of the oldest colleges offering professional music training in Taiwan. The prominent composer-educator , Prof. Chuen-Sheng Lu, was appointed the first chairperson by the late music-loving founder of Shih-Chien University, the late former vice-President of Taiwan, Mr. T. M. Hsieh.
More than 1,500 musicians graduated from the department of music during the past 37 years. Bearing the training and spirits of USC, our alumni form an indispensable workforce promoting the beauty of music at home and around the world as basic music educators or performing musicians.
Becoming a professional musician requires talents and commitment. But it also takes the right educational environment. As most the music departments at government-funded universities follow either a conventional conservatory curriculum or an all-purpose setting accented on music education, the Department of Music at Shih-Chien University successfully remodeled itself with a unique curriculum focusing on professional training of symphony orchestra, wind and brass ensemble, chamber music and professional jazz musicians on top of the solid vocal and piano faculties.
Students come are to study at a conservatory in a university setting in which the prerequisites and ethics of being a professional musician stand firm as the core of our teaching and learning.
The orchestra and ensemble performances of our faculty members and students in Taiwan and abroad continuously win critical acclaims and prizes in international competitions and festivals such as MID EUROPE as the symphony orchestra melted the hearts of audience in Tokyo, Japan, in 2005.
In 2007, our graduate school will welcome its first applicants. This long-waited graduate school is not to add just another master’s degree factory in Taiwan’s music scene, but inviting students determined to refine their profession trainings; while keeping up with the world outside music.