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College of Design

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The college consists of 4 departments, which includes 4 bachelor's degree and 4 master's degree programs.  
icon-s.png College of Design
icon-s.png Department of Industrial Design
icon-s.png Department of Architecture
icon-s.png Department of Communications Design
icon-s.png Department of Fashion Design

The common objective of these studio-based programs is to educate students to have professional, inter-disciplinary, and innovative capabilities. The college participates extensively in international and domestic design competitions, exhibitions, and education-industry cooperative projects. 
Features & Vision
Against the backdrop of a national expansion in cultural and creative industries, we hope to provide a multi-disciplinary learning environment. Through theoretical and empirical training, as well as creative and experimental practices, we aim to widen the students’ horizons and advance their personal development in the true understanding of culture and humanitarianism. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of design by experimenting and integrating skills and principles from all aspects of design.
icon-s.png Upgrading international interactions in design education, such as the regular invitation of foreign visiting professors, student exchange programs and education-industry cooperation, and participation in design competitions and exhibitions.
icon-s.png In the future, the college will also follow the long-term plan of the university, set up a Research Center to share its academic resources and research results with national/international academic institutions as well as industries and to provide students and teachers the best environment for study, research and creative endeavors.
The new e-generation has reformed the way in which society views the world. In order to meet current social demands, we aims to offer a rounded education which will encourage students to challenge the boundaries of design through the exploration of fashion brands & design, animation & multi-media design, industrial & conceptual product design and architecture & interior design.
Currently has 50 full time faculty members (including 7 professors, 11 associate professor, 23 assistant professors and 9 lecturers).
The faculty members are distinguished artists and scholars who stress interdisciplinary art in both theory and practice. Faculty have exhibited their work internationally, curated exhibitions and film festivals, directed and designed theatre productions…and etc.
Undergraduate - 445 students per academic year
Graduate - 50 students per academic year
In college of design, majority of our students have design related background. Lately in our graduate programs, we’ve been getting applicants from a wider range of undergraduate study background, such as chemical science, law, IT, literature and language, drama, entomology, etc.
Program & Courses
Undergraduate offers Bachelor's degree of Design (B. Des.)
The undergraduate program requires students to earn a total of 132 credits: 70 credits from the compulsory courses and 34 credits from the optional courses. Graduate offers Master’s degree of Design (M. Des.) The graduate program requires students to earn a total of 30 credits: 18 credits from the compulsory courses and 12 credits from the optional courses.
The courses follow Shih-Chien University’s teaching and research mission, focusing on “multi-disciplinarity,” “praxis,” and “inter-disciplinary creation.” We complement these core ideals of the college curriculum with courses focusing on creativity, design, humanities, psychology, criticism, consumerism, and management. Professors tailor the classes to the specific needs and strengths of the students, creating an environment in which students work freely between disciplinary fields, also a new energy of collaborative innovation that brings students together from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and to share their professional knowledge and abilities in varying cross-disciplinary projects. Elective courses offer students the opportunity to choose their own area of emphasis within their major course of study, preparing them to enter into the competitive design industry.
Graduation Production
Undergraduate- students are required to produce an independent solo/group exhibition in YODEX(Young Designers’ Exhibition in Taipei World Trade Center) or in other appointed professional venue. Graduate- students are required to complete both a thesis and hold an exhibition of their work.
We focusing on students’ intellectual and creative development, the program stresses the interactions between students and their professors, helping them develop their critical thinking abilities and encouraging their independent creativity and opening the door for deeper understanding of new global trends.
Awards & Exhibitions
We actively encourage student participate in international and national design competitions (for example: iF award, red dot award, OSAKA award, output student award…etc.), organizing informational meetings to discuss the competitions and providing in-class guidance to students. Students have established an impressive track record in these competitions, winning over 2021 awards to date.
Business Partnerships
Graduates continually collaborate with corporations including Microsoft, Mitsubishi, HTC, BenQ, FarEastOne Telnet, MaxMara, Nike, Estee Lauder, Levi’s, Converse, French Institute Taipei, SYM, B&Q, DGI, MSI, IPEVO, Seagate Technology, Samsung, Proton, Red Bull, Gamania, Loreal, FIJI Water, Ambassador Hotel Taipei, Dandy Hotel Taipei, Eslite Book Store Taiwan, etc., in co-sponsoring design competitions promoting their brands. Through these collaborations, students have had the opportunity to work with professional brand-name industries.
Academic Partnerships: International Exchange
We encourage international exchanges for students and faculty, providing partial funding for participating in international exhibitions, conferences, and performances. We have invited a range of distinguished artists and designers to hold workshops and lectures, introducing students to the latest trends in art and design fields and providing a forum for open discussion and debate.
Recent graduates of College of Design are established in a number of different design related professions including: fashion design, industrial design, fashion industry planning and management, animation and multi-media, computer graphics, virtual reality design, spatial design, CIS, photography, advertising, and information technologies. A number of graduates are also enrolled in Ph.D. programs and are pursuing careers in academia.