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Department of Architecture

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Shih Chien University’s Architecture Department was officially established in 2002. The department currently offers the degree of Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture.
The educational aim of the department’s program is to foster and promote the fundamentals of the architectural praxis founded on the timeless spirit of creative craftsmanship while actively incorporating the latest developments and research done in the field. To that end, the department encourages experimentation and cross-interdisciplinary research and explorations in a variety of media.
Basic facilities, – studios, computer workstations, film studios, darkrooms, etc – all equipped to allow students to perform at their optimum, amply support the department’s various workshops in which the students can concentrate on a variety of fabrication techniques. These workshops constitute the core of the program whose pedagogy stresses in equal measure thinking with the hands, the head, and the heart.
In order to encourage diverse ways of thinking about architecture – ways other than that which follows solely the logic of economic positivism – the department provides a comprehensive curriculum that is faithful to architecture as a cultural phenomenon whose multi-layered transfunctional significance exceeds the scope of any given category of value. Thus, the department not only offers a wide array of repeating courses in the humanities, the arts, philosophies, classical literature, and competing views of history, but also regularly hosts interdisciplinary seminars led by authorities in other fields such as cinematography, music, literature, sociology, and visual art.
The advent of social pluralism in this age of global exchange requires professionals with skills that are founded upon an expansive and responsible view of the past as well as an ethical and adventurous stance toward future possibilities. Ever mindful of its educational mission, Architecture Department at Shih Chien University is committed to providing a solid foundation for all of its students so that, upon graduating, they may serve as progressive agents of positive change and meet the challenges posed by the increasing complexities of urban life that require a new kind of rationality and creativity. As the premier design school in Taiwan, Shih Chien University’s Architecture Department intends to continue to strive to deserve that title of honor by welcoming all forms of beauty and truth-revealing light, regardless of their place of origination.
This graduate program allows students with a previous bachelor’s degree to complete the accredited curriculum for a first professional degree in Architecture in three intense years. Emphasis is on the design studio, with a full range of technical and professional courses, and electives in history, theory, and drawing. The program is fully integrated with the undergraduate curriculum.
Research Focus
icon-s.png Synthesis of concepts and techniques toward spatial creations
icon-s.png Transmission of professional, artistic, and practical skills, knowledge and ethics
icon-s.png Application of globally available techniques toward creative and pragmatic understanding of local situations