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College of Management

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icon-s.png College of Management
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icon-s.png Department of Business Administration
icon-s.png Department of Information Technology and Management
icon-s.png Department of Finance and Banking
icon-s.png Department Risk Management and Insurance
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icon-s.png Department of Applied Foreign Languages
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This college currently has seven departments and two graduate schools, including Department of Business Administration (master degree program), Department of Information Technology and Management (master degree program), Department of International Business, Department of Finance of Banking, Department of Accounting, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, Department of Applied Foreign Language, Graduate Institute of Finance and Insurance, and Graduate Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Shih Chien University's purpose of establishing College of Management is to train practical management talents who “have both innovative engagements and global insights” for all trades and professions. This college brings the characteristics of international and metropolitan college of management into full play, uses the advantage of exceptional geographic condition (it is located at the international metropolis Taipei, it is a high quality university that is near Taipei Neihu Technology Park and Nankang Software Park, and it is located at Dazhi District that is generally acknowledged as the safest district with the most ideal surroundings), cooperates with open policy, works with Industry-Government-Academia to plan courses, and promotes cooperative teaching, so as to create a Shangri-la that can master social context the best and have diverse learning.
Our characteristics are as follows
1. Considering the cultivation of professional business administration ability as the core
This college places importance on the cultivation of students' professional business administration ability, engagement, and professional ethics. Therefore, this college particularly integrates fundamental business administration courses and ethics courses values, and minimum credit point is set. Every department of this college is required to set the following courses as core courses: Economics, accounting, statistics, calculus, management, application of information technology, civil law, business law, and business ethics. The graduate school needs to include the courses such as professional English and business leadership and ethics. As a result, the students from our undergraduate program and graduate school can be trained to have different business administration abilities and engagement.
2. Promoting “Flexible Learning for Students In-Service” Program
The purpose of implementing flexible learning for students in-service is to allow the students to “study for the purpose of application”. With the assistance from teachers, the students can enter the job market earlier to retain a position, it would be very favorable for instant employment after graduation and the time to wait for an employment would be shortened substantially. “Flexible learning for students in-service” program arranges students to take practical courses and selects outstanding students to intern in enterprises; this internship is the extension of course learning, hopefully the students can combine theory and practice so as to become the talents that can meet the social demands.
3. Establishing Cross-Discipline “Profession Model” System
The development of business strategic pace is fast, especially the main stream or rising industries always need to move with the time. To avoid the fact that the currently learned knowledge cannot satisfy the requirements from graduation or society fully, cultivating cross-discipline professional specialty has already become the important method to ensure career advantage in this knowledge and economic era. Therefore, this college especially focuses on the main stream or rising industries that are greatly in need of manpower and corresponds to the specialized demand of WTO and cross-Strait economical style to provide cross-discipline “profession model” system so as to ensure the career development of students after graduation.
4. Developing Innovative and Cultivated Teaching Activities
Innovation” is the key for the enterprise to win in the future, it is also important for job seekers to create the difference. The teachers and students from College of Management grow up in Shih Chien University that emphasizes both “innovation” and “practice”. Especially this college is next to the building of College of Design, in the presentation of all kinds of continuous creation exhibitions and design works, it seems that the students from this college are located at “creative forest” and always can be influenced by the “essence of creativity”. Compared to other universities, our College of Management has higher opportunity to train its students to have rich and creative Pheromone. All of these are the inborn advantages that other colleges of management cannot have easily.
5. Academic Exchange with International Sister Schools
This college has set professor and student exchange programs with Newcastle Business School from University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Fachhochschule Wurzburg, Hanzchogeschool, School of Management and Economics from University of Wisconsin, River Falls, South Carclia Polytechnic, and University of Southern Denmark so as to carry out teaching and academic exchanges. In addition, this college especially opens international exchange courses that only English is allowed during the classes, allowing the students that could not study abroad because of all kinds of reasons can also study with foreign classmates; thus, their English ability can be improved, they can experience foreign cultures, and their international view can be broadened. Because Taiwan companies that operate business in Mainland China need talents, this college also sets student visiting and exchange programs with Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Guang Zhou Sun Yat-Sen University, Xi'An Jiaotong University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and QingDao University so as to provide the opportunity for the students to understand and experience cross-Strait economical development.