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Graduate Institute of Creative Industries

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PHD Program Introduction
The doctorate program of Creative Industries in Shih Chien University aims to provide teaching and research in the fields of operations and management related to the creative industries.
Based in the business school, much of the doctoral program offers works in an interdisciplinary mode and takes an inter- national approach characterized by diversity with both the academic contribution towards the essential assumptions behind policies and management, and also the practical solutions to the problems engaging in the related industries.
Our features
This is an image Emphasizing the integration of humanities and
This is an image Bridging creative thinking and business strategic management
This is an image Broadening the global vision from economical, cultural and social
This is an image Cultivating innovative entrepreneurs and business
Our Mission and Vision
We aim to approach creativity from an industrial perspective. We cultivate experts in the following areas
This is an image Management in creative industries
This is an image Consultation for research institutes and governments
We vision ourselves as national and international pioneers in practices, and academic units in the development of creative industries.