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Department of Infotmation Technology and Management

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This is an imageThe Department of Information Management was established in 1993. By encompassing technology and culture, the department was able to follow the developing trends in Information Technology and Management.
By enhancing global competition, the department, through transformation into the electronic era, helps establish, maintain and manage industries. This will promote personnel for information management in the fast growing global economy.
The department’s creativities
icon-s.png Taiwan’s first student established Internet Broadcasting Station, virtual reality environments.
icon-s.png Taiwan’s first department that uses “career models” to help students select classes.
icon-s.png Taiwan’s first department to utilise Industrial Training as part of their program. This allows bright students to obtain one year of industrial experience and their Bachelor’s degree upon graduation.
Research Focus
Development Highlights
1. Specific environment of learning
The department utilises a specific environment for learning. It makes clear to students “Why to study, what to study, how to study and their study results”. By combining career modelled study schedule, industrial training methods and foreign exchange, the department wishes to make an impact on a world wide basis.
International relationsStarting in 2004, the department will be providing an exchange program with the Business Computing department of the Fachhochschule Wurzburg-Schweinfurt University. The aim is to nurture competitiveness on the global basis. Students will also be able to study in the United States, England, and Holland et al for further education.
Higher educationBy combining philosophical and professional training, students will be able to continue their education to obtain their Master or PhD degrees. The department will be calling upon past graduates to mentor and help current students.
Industrial training
Students will obtain knowledge and skills working for industry as part of their university program. This will help students combine their theory with practical work for industry. It can be seen as a stepping stone to graduation and working in the industry.
2. Practical and Philosophical Experience
International Co-operationThe department has plans to strengthen relations with American, German and other counties’ universities. This will provide interaction between academics and combined research plans.
The department encourages teachers to undertake professional research projects and to publish their findings in respected journals. Since 2002, the department has held the national “E-Commerce and Digital Lifestyle” seminar, which has become well respected in the Information Management circle in Taiwan. Beginning in 2004, the department wishes to establish the “International Conference on Business and Information.
Industrial co-operation
By combining efforts with large corporations, students and teachers will be able to apply their knowledge in the workplace. The department has taken on jobs relating to economics, education, medicine and technology in the past and has been successful in such projects.
Professional Technology Development Centre
The department wishes to extend the professionalism in its staff and students. The department currently provides.
icon-s.png Cisco CCNA Network Academy.
icon-s.png IBM E-business schools.
icon-s.png The Education Department Telecommunications Planning school.
icon-s.png The Education Department Economics and Professional Planning centre.