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Department of Finance and Banking

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In 1976, the Department of Banking and Insurance was established. The program was extended to a four-year undergraduate program for graduates of general or vocational senior high schools in 1991, when the school was upgraded to become the Shih Chien College of Design and Management.
A new beginning was marked in 1992 when the Department was divided into the Department of Insurance and the Department of Finance and Banking. In 1995, two programs in Finance and Banking were set up at the Kaohsiung Campus: the two-year undergraduate program is open to graduates of junior colleges or students with an equivalent educational background; the two-year on-the-job program admits graduates of three-year junior colleges.
The latter program will be included in the undergraduate system from the 2001/02 academic year, admitting students with a junior college diploma or its equivalent. In 1996, students were enrolled in the four-year undergraduate program in Finance and Banking at the Kaohsiung Campus.
Future Development
The Department develops individual students in considering trends of financial industry and society at large. Graduates are expected to work in banking, securities and futures, wealth management, insurance or corporate finance. Some students choose to attend graduate finance programs in Taiwan and abroad.
The Department at current provides ample resources in particular in wealth management and financial planning, as the profession is greatly needed in Taiwan and suits well with our student profile. This is evident in our course design and graduate placement. The Department seeks to keep up with developments in Taiwan’s financial sector and its internationalization, with the goal to add to the competitiveness and fulfill the needs of Taiwan’s financial industry.