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Department of Risk Management and Insurance

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Brief History
The Department of Banking and Insurance, established in 1976, was extended to a four – year undergraduate program for graduates of general or vocational senior high schools in 1991.
The school was then upgraded to become the Shih Chien College of Design and Management. In 1992, the Department was divided into the Department of Insurance and the Department of Finance and Banking, each of which admitted one class of students. In 1993, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Department of Insurance admitted one more class of students in the day division program and set up the night division program, in the hope of training more potential talent for the insurance industry. In 1997, responding to the policies of the Ministry of Education, working students were also enrolled in the night division program.
The Department of Insurance was founded in 1990 after a year of preparation. Observing current economic trends, the Department made an adaptation to the changes and was renamed as the Department of Risk Management and Insurance. Our Department has been promoting education of risk management. We prepare students to be capable professionals as risk managers and insurance managers.
Our mission is to pursue academic excellence in teaching and research in risk management and insurance with the following fundamental aims:
icon-s.png to provide students with knowledge and skills that will guarantee that they are at the cutting edge of a rapidly changing business world.
icon-s.png to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research in the area of corporate risk management, insurance, and financial planning.
icon-s.png to add value to the insurance industry as a whole through the development of risk management systems and the cultivation of the high caliber of risk management and insurance experts.
Research Focus
Our researches are emphasis on:
icon-s.png Insurance Management and Strategy.
icon-s.png Integration Marketing of Insurance.
icon-s.png Bancasurance Management.
icon-s.png Financial Holding Company Management and Strategy.