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Department of International Business

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International trade is the engine of the economic development of a country. ” The essence of economics is best illustrated in the small open economy in Taiwan.
To meet the tremendous demand for capable international businessmen, the school set up the International Trade Department in the three-year senior college in 1970 and augmented the program with a five-year junior college in 1986. These two programs were further expanded into the International Trade Department (Day Division for BA) in 1991 as the school was upgraded to a College.
The department’s Evening Division was established the next year. To promote lifelong learning, On-the-Job Bachelor’s program for Graduates of Three-Year Junior Colleges was opened in 1995, which was changed into Two-Year On-the-Job Bachelor’s program in 2001. The Kaohsiung campus, built in 1995, opened its Two-Year bachelor’s program in the same year, and extended it to the Day Division. In 1997, the school was renamed Shih Chien University.
Research Focus
The Department, designed to encompass professional knowledge in areas of international trade, international business management, languages, and computer skills, has produced many capable businessmen to cope with globalization in business.
In addition, the department plays an active role in promoting exchange programs with sister schools in Britain, Germany, and Holland. The department has provided students with opportunities to go to the sister schools for cultural interaction and language learning every year, and most return to Taiwan with obvious improvements in language ability and a larger world vision. Many students stay at the sister schools for further study after they get their BA’s. These cooperative programs have led to remarkable achievements.