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Laws and Regulation

Type No. Name Link
Regulation  1 USC Academic Regulations  Link
Regulation 2 Shih Chien University: Ethical Reward and Punishment Guidelines Link
Regulation 3 Shih Chien University: Scholarship Guidelines  Link
Regulation 4 Shih Chien University: Undergraduate Double Major Application Guidelines Link
Regulation 5 Shih Chien University: Undergraduate Minor Application Guidelines  Link
Regulation  6 Shih Chien University: Midterm and Final Exam’s Leave of Absence Guideline Link
Regulation 7 Shih Chien University: Student Conduct Appraisal and Assessment Guidelines Link
Regulation  8 The Shih Chien University: Student Absence and Disciplinary Warning Guidelines  Link
Regulation  9 USC Students' Application for Leave Sample Document Link
Regulation 10 USC Regulations for Gender Equity Education Implementation  Link
Regulation  11 Implementation Regulations Regarding the Teaching Assessment of Shih Chien University Link
Regulation 12 Shih Chien University Guidelines on Course Selection by Undergraduate Students Link
Regulation  13 Shih Chien University Guidelines for Student Appeals Link
Regulation 14 Shih Chien University Admission Regulations for International Students   Link
Regulation  15 Application Form for Correcting Student’s Record Link
Law  16 International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan (Amended Date: 2014.12.18) Link
Law 17 Regulations Governing the Detention of the Aliens (Amended Date: 2012.07.27)  Link
Law  18 The Review Criteria Governing Foreigners’ Permanent Residence Application (Amended Date:2012.07.27) Link

  1. This is a translated version: all the contents of USC regulations shall be based on the Chinese original.
  2. In case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese version, the Chinese version published on USC’s official website shall prevail.
  3. If there are any changes made to the Acts or regulations, the application instruction shall be based on amended regulation. Any matters that are not regulated in the Regulations shall be administered in accordance with related regulations established by the MOE.